The production

The best for culinary indulgence and health. Dry-cured beef from the Grisons is manufactured according to strict specifications. Only with proven knowledge in meat processing, and only with compliance to the strict product specifications of the Grisons meat manufacturers (VBF), one may call his dried meat dry-cured beef from the Grisons.

Basis for dry-cured beef from the Grisons are the best beef cuts: muscle meat of the thighs. This is freed from fat and sinews, rubbed with salt and spices and stored at low temperatures. Then, the meat cuts are hung up for drying. After some weeks, the meat gets pressed – and once more dried over weeks in a natural environment.

The result is naturally conserved meat, full of protein and vital substances. On average, 100 gram of dry-cured beef from the Grisons contains 40 gram protein. Additionally, dry-cured beef from the Grisons provides vitamins such as B1, B2 and Niacin (pp), as well as minerals such as iron and various trace elements.

What else speaks in dry-cured beef from the Grisons’s favour: the easy digestibility, the high degree of saturation, and good energy values. And obviously, the unique aroma and taste. A true experience.

This is dry-cured beef from the Grisons. Real energy. Guaranteed healthy.